It’s here! It CAME. 

And it’s B E A U T I F U L

(YES that happened!)

Many of you know that I’m aspiring to become a sex educator and safe sex demonstrator. With that, I took a class on human sexuality in college and I chose to do a project on masturbation (named female masturbation but y’all know how I feel about that…). That being said, I’m going to share all the details to ensure some happy alone time. Or at least try to encourage you to start..

There’s plenty of scientific studies that prove masturbation has healthy benefits for the body. It varies from better orgasms to natural remedies!

When I did my research for my project, I got my data from Mary Roach, author of “Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex”. She put her focus on this masturbation device intended for people with vaginas. It’s the Eros Clitoral Therapy Device. It’s small, about the size of a palm, that’s intended to improve sexual responses. Apparently people pay between $300-$400 to cure their sexual dysfunction but this blog is free -ish (it’ll only cost you you’re time!) so read ahead and be inspired to love yourself. 

I’m awful, yes I’m aware.  

Fun facts about masturbating you may or may not know and you don’t have to have a vagina to benefit*:

  1. It lowers Stress – orgasms release the “cuddle” hormone or oxytocin which are tiny happy messages sent from your brain all over your body giving you all the good feeling feels. While it may not be a cure all at the moment, you’ll find that the more you masturbate, the more you can keep your stress levels lower.
  2. It lowers risk of heart disease – insert something sciencey here-. I don’t have the secrets, but scientists have linked lower rates of heart disease in people who get down with themselves more often than those who do not. Maybe is has something to do with the exercise you give your heart when you hit that finish line? (FUN FACT: having sex twice a week reduces risk of heart attack ayyyye get ya freak on ;p)tumblr_m1i9rsxLra1qbu4f8o1_500
  3. It lowers risk of prostate cancer – Though frequent masturbating in young people identified male can actually increase the risk of early prostate cancer, frequent masturbating later in life lowers the risk of getting prostate cancer. The age bracket is a bit unfair, for it only lowers risk in individuals above the age of 50. But, there’s still some benefits young guys! Just dial it back a bit…
  4. It lowers risk of endometriosis – now while I don’t have the specifics of this fact, I do know a bit about the walls of a uterus (2ND FUN FACT: I went to nursing school for two years). Masturbation is actually a good way to alleviate menstrual cramps and the pain from endometriosis in general. There’s several articles and studies negating that but I like to think it’s a way to perpetuate anti-masturbation narratives. Especially because the one I read while doing the research for this blog started off by saying that masturbation for females is immoral and shady. No article writer, YOU’RE shady! But I digress… Do some research for yourself and find out what’s comfortable and what works for you.   
  5. It can help with insomnia – I don’t need to be entirely scientific and academic to convince you that the big ‘O’ will zap you out quick fast and in a hurry… but it case you need the backing, here is a little read for you to help with those sleepless nights. 
  6. It helps you achieve orgasms during intercourse – because you’ve tapped into those pleasure centers (no pun in intended.. maybe a little bit) your body is able to respond differently now that those wheels are churning. AND not only does it help with orgasms, it improves lubrication which is needed to achieve orgasm. So you get more aroused and wetter sooner. See, you’re already half way there!   
  7. Generally you live longer – see all the things listed previously. Happiness and good health sounds like a recipe to live longer if I ever heard one…
  8. It can help with spinal chord injuries (stops muscle spasticity up to 6 hours!) – this is actually pretty clutch. In her research, Roach spoke with some physicians that told her that there was a significant change in the spasticity of the patients muscles after orgasm. WHAT!? That shit cray…
  9. Cure for hiccups – Roach also got some info on this. I’ve never done it personally but WHAT. Mind = blown. I’m not sure how I could keep in the groove if my chest keeps jumping but…it’s worth a shot! No?

10. But the most important fact about masturbating is that it’s safe! There are plenty of resources to ensure a fun time with yourself. Solo fun is a great way to keep babies and disease off the menu. Not in a creepy abstinence only kinda way but more of a if-you-don’t-want-to-deal-with-drama-but-still-wanna-have-fun way because you don’t have to do it by yourself, mutual masturbation is a primary sex act for a multitude of individuals and just as enjoyable as intercourse. Now I don’t know what you’re into but, just make sure you go about it in a healthy and safe way, k?

Now this isn’t to say that everyone needs to masturbate or even have sex or achieve orgasm. Some people enjoy sex for the connection or purely the feel. I’m all about finding ways to do things safely and in an enjoyable manner because harm reduction: people will do it anyway, why not teach them how to do it right?

Soooo why are you still sitting there reading this?? 

It’s still May. 


Get up and promote good health! 

*: Mary Roach’s research indicates that a person must masturbate a maximum of 4 times a week to actually benefit from these facts given. Don’t tire yourself out, spread it through the week YOU HAVE 7 DAYS.