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Hell is an endless road. And we have all arrived.

“There will be no peaceful revolution; no war without blood.”

Sadly I cannot take credit for the title. It's by one of my favorite hardcore bands Bring Me The Horizon and one of their many brilliant lyrics. But I believe this religiously, It's inescapable. Whether we want to acknowledge or... Continue Reading →


Pride post: Queer Tulane doesn’t care about brown people

A college student sitting at home listening to 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps watching their cat run circles around herself completely sober on a Saturday night sounds a little odd. Not saying there's something wrong with whomever does that in... Continue Reading →

White womanhood and black womanhood: but where were you??

White feminists in academia seem to forget we are not the same kind of woman. Mix that with the unorthadox use of African American vernacular and you get scholarly messes like Noelle Blood's critique on "Anaconda".

Coming out: The white hetero-normative gay rite of passage narrative

and lifestyleSo I'm sitting here with my sorority sister talking abut new member stuff (that's about as descriptive I can be) and we come across things about LGBTQIA history. That's fine and all and well or whatever but... underneath that... Continue Reading →

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